About Kaitlin Lee

Being a creative at heart I have always found it hard to sit still in an office job for example, I can admit I am a hard worker at what ever I put my mind to and have done so with my corporate jobs in the past, however, creating comes easily and freely to me rather than numbers and paperwork.

The creative flare to each shoot and being able to bring someone's artistic idea to life or even collaborating with a creative team is incredibly fulfilling. I have finally found an outlet to release my inner creative, meet and network with amazing like minded people and turn it all into a career. 

It was a huge jump from corporate to camera, stability to freelance but in saying that, it has been the best decision I have made. I absolutely love what I do and it has changed my life for the better. 

I grew up with a lot of self confidence issues, not feeling worthy enough and hated my body. This all took a huge toll on every area of my life and what I have now come to know and learn is, everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, no one is the same and our "flaws" determine our differences and make us the incredible people we all are. I wish to save a lot of girls from going through the years that I had to go through to learn this. I feel I can use modelling as a platform to be a voice to empower girls and women to love themselves as they are! 

You must first love yourself before loving someone else.